The SPRING quarter begins Sunday, March 3–May 19.  SIGNUPS begin Sunday, February 10 in your current class on the roster, at a foyer table, and ONLINE.   Class descriptions are listed on the roster clipboard and are also available at the foyer table and on the website.  SIGNUP IS VERY IMPORTANT so that classroom locations may be selected to match the attendance!

CHANGES are in the ADULT Spring quarter classes.  The three options are:   1)  A study in the Psalms, taught by Shane Heilman;  2) A study of the Church … a business organization or spiritual organism, taught by Eli Diaz; and 3) Light in the Darkness, a DVD-based course with R.C. Sproul and various speakers, facilitated by Mark Joneson.

WEB DIRECTIONS for signup:  On the home page, look to the right at the top row of tabs and click the green tab Sign Up.   You will see a page of our current signup options.   Select the SUNDAY SCHOOL REGISTRATION tab.    You’ll see a chart of current classes, including the info for children.   Follow the instructions and give your selections for the new quarter.     Direct any questions to Lauralee (Education Director) at the office,  343.1485.