We’re nearing December already and the new quarter starts December 1.

  • Children’s classes, ages 2–5th grade, plus middle and high schoolers continue on with usual teachers and locations.
  • Two class options for adults are being repeated, Biblical Ethics (Pastor Dave) and Israel DVD series (Mark Joneson/Jim Parry).   The locations have been switched for these classes to allow for more attenders.  Biblical Ethics will be in the sanctuary and the Israel series will move to the Cafe Court.   The majority of adults should plan to be in either of these options.
  • The third option, 1&2 Timothy (Mike Swartz) is already FULL due to location.
  • The Young Professionals class continues on as usual at the Med5 coffee shop.  This is a special focus group for young adults only.

You may recall that ADULTS were asked to sign up for both their FALL AND WINTER SELECTIONS back in the summer.  And if you did, and don’t remember what you chose,  you may check an ALPHABETICCAL LISTING at the welcome desk.

If you had not signed up for a winter class, it would help materials planning if you would indicate one of the two choices on the sign up form on the website.  Thank you.