FROM PASTOR DAVE – Summary of steps from Parkview leadership

Before I give you summary points of the meeting Monday evening, March 16, I want to proclaim again how thankful I am for the men and leadership at Parkview Church.  All elders, two deacon reps, and several doctors of the congregation met to give consideration to the church family’s well being in light of the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic. Wide perspectives were shared but our conclusions and recommendations were made in great unity. Please know that there is much work going forward to put into place the items discussed and we count on your prayers and patience in the coming weeks.

Summary points:

  • All Sunday services/classes have been suspended, beginning Sunday, March 22, 2020, until further notice.
  • All weekly, Parkview-sponsored activities/events/ministries are suspended at this time.
  • Conditions will be monitored weekly to determine the duration of suspension of our programming.
  • We recommend that church-connected small groups meeting in homes also suspend their gatherings or stringently follow the recommendations of only 10 persons per meeting and having adequate (6 foot) distances between folks.
  • A video of Pastor Dave’s weekly message will be made available each Sunday morning at 10:00am. Staff priority this week is preparation to offer this with better quality sound and making details of access known to the church family. Pastor Terry is already planning a virtual youth group Wednesday evening through his Ovrflo page—the student Facebook page which students/parents are encouraged to ask to join.

Much more information will be forthcoming.  Our primary avenues of communication will be website posts on the home page, Parkview’s Facebook page, and church emails. (If you are not in the church directory or do not have an email on file, please send us at least one current email address.)