Make the Most of Your Opportunity

Have you thought of Sunday’s service being streamed in this way–your friends or even strangers on the street who have not been inside Parkview’s building can now easily and comfortably “come to church” with us…Sunday mornings at 10:00am? This  is a great opportunity to “open the door” and make sure they know how.  Send them to (our website homepage).  At the top is a revolving banner and one click on the SERMON LIVE STREAM slide takes them to YouTube and live streaming of the entire service.   (There’s also a LIVESTREAM green tab right above that banner that does the same thing.)

And afterwards they can go back to view that service or any other of our recent ones.

Here are a few ways we’ve thought of to share the Gospel in light of Covid-19.

  1. Share the service and invite folks through the web page.
  2. In the “About US” tab on the web page, there is a section titled “Parkview’s Faith”.  It explains the “Bad News”, the “Gospel” and the “Decision”.  Digest this information for yourself and be ready to share it as God gives you the opportunity.
  3. Follow up with a family or friend you invite “to church”.  Ask  if they found the website and saw the service.  What did they think?
  4. PRAY for people when hearts may be more open in these days.