PARKVIEW CHURCH will meet October 18 in one Sunday service at 10am. Click here for more details.


If you wonder at any time whether PARKVIEW Sunday services, weekly ministries, or any events are cancelled due to bad weather, you can check:

1.  The website for a RED alert bar at the top of the homepage at

2.  The Facebook page for a post

3.  Call the church office for a recorded message at 343.1485

4.  We’ve recently added an email notification but we must have your current email on file.   Unfortunately, we may not for some of the church family.

If you receive an email notice, please pass the word to someone, perhaps newer, who may need the notice or not be in the pattern of checking as instructed above.

Please consider an event to be “ON” unless there is a notice of cancellation.   And you are always encouraged to use your best judgment for your decision, whether the winter adversary is cold, ice, or snow!