PARKVIEW CHURCH will meet October 18 in one Sunday service at 10am. Click here for more details.

Fall Women’s Bible Studies

BREAKING NEWS:    Lauralee will offer a ZOOM OPTION from her office on Fridays, from 10:00–11:00am.  Contact the office ASAP if you are wanting to participate in that.

UPDATE:  START UP WEEK is the week of September 28.  Leaders will be getting their materials and notifying their small group.  

Covid concerns, plus the desire for a “refresh” on our Bible studies, have brought about a plan to offer small groups in homes 6-8 weeks this fall.  We have been signing up hostesses and group discussion leaders in the foyer for a few Sundays now.  Any Parkview gal, currently attending on Sundays or not, is welcome to participate in a group.  You can call the office, 343.1485, for Carol G to get all details of studies and sign up info.   All five groups will start with the same discussion-type study.

Attendance is limited at each location and regretfully groups are closed now.

Additional host homes and leaders = would equal more participation!  Are you willing?