UPDATE:  What a good year of AWANA it’s been!  Even though we started and ended with covid!  Parents, family and friends all invited to our final night May 19 where clubbers receive the rewards and recognitions for the year.   We look forward to seeing  you!


The Awana Club Calendar and Registration Form are available at these links. Click here.  Other important info, including COVID SAFETY PRACTICES are given by Commanders Shaun & Carrie below:

  • Parents, please bring your Clubbers’ books along with your registration forms.  We will audit books so we can have an idea of where each clubber will start and what books to order.

2020/2021 AWANA Registration Form

2020/2021 AWANA Calendar




  • Parents are encouraged to take your Clubber’s temperature before leaving the house.  PLEASE IF ANY MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY IS ILL OR IF CLUBBER OR YOUTH GROUP STUDENT HAVE A TEMPERATURE….STAY HOME!
  • All Clubbers are to be walked to the church entrance by a parent and will be asked to confirm that the clubber does not have a fever. The door monitor will be equiped with a thermometer if needed. If any member of the clubber’s family has a temperature, the clubber will need to be kept at home.
  • All Clubbers are to then to check in with the secretaries and then proceed to the Cafe Court.


  • AWANA staff will be diligent to wipe down all surfaces and equipment used during the course of the club night.  Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building for clubbers’ use.
  • Council Time for each club will be held in larger rooms and Verse times will be broken up into smaller group sizes.
  • Families of Clubbers will not be allowed to stay in the facility during club.


  • Currently we are not allowing the parents to attend the nightly awards at 7:50pm.
  • Clubbers who do not have older siblings in Youth Group will be dismissed at 8:00pm and will need to leave the building immediately to be picked up by their parents.
  • Clubbers with siblings in Youth Group will be dismissed at 8:10pm and will need to leave the building immediately.

Each child must have their own registration form.  Each form’s permission slip must be signed, which includes agreeing with the COVID guidelines.

“I acknowledge that Parkview EFC has safety measures in place to protect my child and I have read and understand the COVID Safety Guidelines listed on the back of the AWANA Calendar. I also accept by having my child attend AWANA that exposure to COVID is possible and that I do not place any liability on Parkview EFC. I give permission for my child to participate in AWANA activities and events. If my child is injured during a club program or event, I give my permission for him/her to receive medical treatment as deemed necessary by the AWANA Commander or Club Director. I understand that I will be contacted as quickly as possible should an emergency arise.”