DRIVING THE STAKE seminar on November 6

 Parkview schedules two seminars on a consistent basis for those wishing to learn more about Parkview and/or desiring to become members.  Both seminars are required as part of Parkview’s “two step” membership process and are given by Pastor Dave Greenhood,  (The first one, “ParkviewINTRO” was just offered and will be scheduled again in the future.)

ONLINE SIGN UP NOW AVAILABLE for “Driving the Stake” …  click here

“Driving the Stake” – Saturday, November 6, 2021; 9:00–10:30am.   This  is a natural followup and is more in-depth, covering the doctrinal statement, history of the Evangelical Free Church of America, church policies, church membership criteria and the process (a written testimony and interview with elders).   Participants should have already taken a ParkviewINTRO at some point.

Call the office (343.1485) for questions.   When seminars are being planned, ONLINE registration is also available through the website.

While we at Parkview uphold membership as an important value and part of discipleship, we also encourage new folks to attend for a while, getting to know us and letting us get to know them.  But newer attenders are always welcome to ParkviewINTRO as an avenue to learn more about our church!