Thanksgiving Offering…”We Are Grateful”

It has been a long tradition at Parkview, and this year is no exception, to take a special offering of gratitude at Thanksgiving time.  In the last several years this offering has been given towards reducing the principle on the building mortgage with a percentage also going to our missions efforts.   Thanks to God and the giving of God’s people, our mortage loan has been greatly reduced and, Lord willing, we hope to be debt-free in two years.   Praise to the Lord!

Our “process” for receiving such an offering has changed some.  Special offering envelopes for your use are available in the foyer–look for title, “We Are Grateful”.  Ask the Lord’s direction about a gift, place in envelope, and return to the Thankgiving display at the same spot in the foyer.  Please try to have your offering there on Sundays, November 14 or 21.  Thank you.