Parkview Men

We live to form unbreakable bonds with each other and our Almighty God!  This requires diligence and patience with each other, and His rewards are unmatched.

How do we build relationships?

Our desire is to see men connected in smaller groups, which helps foster true discipline and healthy relationships in Christ. These groups all look different, but accomplish the first step toward building community – Showing Up.  If you have a desire to lead, or simply want to host a group of men, contact our ministry lead, Seth Mosteller at

Where do we start?

Our cornerstone of connection is our weekly group – “The Forge”.  We encourage you to show up and join in worship, prayer, study of our God’s Word, and watching relationships grow!  This group meets every Monday evening at 7pm, around the red tailgate in the foyer!

How do we stay connected?

To receive updates on men’s events and service projects, join our mailing list at

You can also watch for other events on the Parkview Calendar, and the weekly bulletin!