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The Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) ministry at Parkview is about connecting with other moms in the community, celebrating motherhood, and experiencing God’s love through relationships with other women who share this important season of life. We meet the second Thursday of each month (September-May).

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MOPS International Website

How much does MOPS cost?

  • First time visitors are free
  • $9.00 per meeting + $31.95 per mom (an annual MOPS International membership fee).
  • Speed Pass available at the beginning of the year. Pay for all the meetings and receive one meeting free ($72.00)
  • MOPS International membership fee is non-refundable. The MOPS International membership fee must be paid every year according to the MOPS year. (i.e. September 2016-May 2017.) Much like a school year calendar, you will receive MOPS materials for that year. The MOPS year starts over in September.

What should you expect at a MOPS meeting?

Discussion Groups

Before the MOPS year begins, all the moms are pre-assigned to discussion groups. These moms sit together at a table throughout the year during the discussion time. The goal of this is to provide a more intimate, accepting atmosphere where moms can freely share thoughts and feelings while providing the opportunity to connect with other moms at a deeper level. In other words, we hope for you to be able to make some new friends! Discussion groups often get together outside of MOPS for fun activities (with and without children).


What would a get together be without food? Each meeting a discussion group is assigned to bring food for all the mothers to enjoy. Coffee and juice is provided. Your discussion group leader will organize this.

Speaking Time

A speaker is scheduled for each meeting. The speaker normally talks for around 30-40 minutes while we enjoy the food. Throughout the year we discuss issues related to mothering (surprise!), marriage, friendship, health, and even practical issues like cooking, cleaning, and organizing. The meeting information page lists speakers as they are scheduled.

Craft or Creative Activity

At each meeting we have some sort of creative activity whether it is a craft, a game or other activity such as cooking or pampering ourselves.

Discussion Time

Although our meetings can be quite full with activity, we make it a priority that each discussion group gets time to discuss the speaker topic and share about their personal lives. There will also be opportunity for you to make known or write any specific prayer requests you may have.

Child Care

For each meeting your preschool aged children are welcome to participate in our MOPS Kids program, designed especially for them.

Visit the Calendar to see upcoming MOPS events!