Parkview Preschool Praise … P3

This ministry runs during the worship hour and offers age appropriate Bible lessons for children ages 3-kindergarten…God’s Word just for THEM!   P3 begins at the start of the worship service in C7 off the café court area.  Children can be checked in by a parent a few minutes before the worship service starts by attaching their name tag.  Should your child need you during the service time, we ask that you list your cell phone on the check in sheet. This is what we use for our paging system.

For the first 15 minutes of class, we will be doing transition activities which gives kids a chance to come into class without missing out on the lesson. During the P3 hour, we will have song time, bathroom break, Bible lesson and activities. This quarter we will be studying creation, Noah, Abraham, and Jesus birth. If you have a child that utilizes P3, parent involvement is highly recommended! To find out how to be involved, talk to a leader on Sunday morning, or contact Alisha in the church office!

Volunteers, if you are unable to help in Children’s Church for your assigned shift, please trade with someone else or find your own replacement. Be sure to let the office know about any changes so that we can keep current on notices and this website schedule.

The P3 volunteer schedule is available online. To view it, sign in to the “My Parkview” area of the website.