Parkview Preschool Praise … P3

This ministry runs during the worship hour and offers age appropriate Bible lessons for children ages 3-5.  Children may be checked in 15 minutes before service begins by bringing them to C7 off the Café Court area.   There will be a table set up with roster and name tags.  Please be sure to leave a cell phone number with your child’s information so we can contact you if needed during the hour.

During the worship hour we will have song time, Bible lesson, verse and activities.  We will begin learning about Jesus’ Miracles, Parables, Easter, and the early church.


Those parents who are coming for Sunday School: 

        We plan to keep your child in the appropriate room during the break between S.S. and church.  


If you have a child that utilizes the P3 department, parent involvement is expected!    You won’t be asked to do anything hard, not to worry.  To find out how to be involved, talk to a leader on Sunday morning or contact the church office.

Volunteers, if you are unable to help for your assigned shift, please trade with someone else or find a replacement.  Be sure to let the office know about any changes so that we can keep current on reminder notices and this website schedule.

The P3 schedule is available online.  To view it, sign in to the “My Parkview” area of this website.