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Day 22 – Relentless Prayer


Psalms 40:8

When we are faithful to observe God’s instruction for our lives, then He is faithful to bless us as only He can.

It’s true, the “blessings” we receive may come in disguise – we gain humility from a job lay-off, we gain self-control from a dried-up bank account, we gain perseverance from a life-threatening illness – but we can be sure that our Father always has our best interest in mind.

The key here is obedience, the pattern of never falling away. It is our obedience that is divinely rewarded. It is our obedience that honors our God. It is important to note that, prayer is not a substitute for obedience, nor is it an excuse for laziness. Throughout Scripture, when the people of God would pray, God would fill them, and then they would go in the name of Jesus and share their faith. They would become part of the solution to the problems that were all around them! Prayer makes us a part of the answer. That’s why we need to arise from the place of prayer and with momentum move forward in spiritual service in obedience to God.

When I get on my knees regularly and consistently to read God’s Word and talk to God and listen to God, He always brings to mind things I can do to bring glory to Him and to support the work of Christ. Our feet should be moved to action when we pray. That’s obedience!

Are you praying diligently and then responding to what God calls you to do?

Where can you be more obedient to God’s call in your life? Has He placed a specific area of service on your heart? Use your prayer time today to ask God how He wants to use you in the work of His kingdom.

If you have a pressing need today, know that God isn’t holding out on you. Pray and wait for His answer.

– Jack Graham


  1. Pray and wait for His answer. Sounds simple, right? But, tell me, what does that waiting look like? How long I am to wait? What do I do while I’m waiting? As men, we are driven to “do something.” How many of us can honestly “wait on the Lord?” Something I struggle with. Especially if I listen to the “wise” advice of well meaning friends. Things such as “when in doubt, don’t.” Or, “just plow forward, trusting that God is guiding you.” So, I wait. Trusting in God’s timing. This I know. If I am fully trusting Him, He will reveal to me His will in His time. Amen?

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