Parkview Men’s Devotionals

Acts 16

Read Acts Chapter 16 Paul and Silas give us another fantastic example of how not to be ruled by your circumstances.  They find themselves in prison, feet fastened in stocks and they complain.....NO they pray and ... [ Keep Reading ]

Acts 15

Read Acts Chapter 15 In today's text we see the spreading of the Gospel all through the land.  Men are chosen to go into all the corners of the earth to make Jesus known.  Because of this outreach, we are here ... [ Keep Reading ]

Acts 14

Read Acts Chapter 14 Wow!!  What a story.  Men look to worship Paul and Barnabas as gods...Paul and Barnabas direct them to the One true God.  Paul is stoned, left for dead, and then rises up and declares that through ... [ Keep Reading ]

Acts 13

Read Acts Chapter 13 You are going to love today's reading.  You will witness a profound boldness that Paul and Barnabas walk in.  The part that caught my heart today is verse 3, "Then after fasting and praying they ... [ Keep Reading ]

Acts 12

Read Acts Chapter 12 In today's text we see Peter sent to prison with insurmountable odds of release.  Herod is driven by blood lust against the people of God.  Then verse 5 states, "...earnest prayer for him was ... [ Keep Reading ]

Acts 11

Read Acts Chapter 11 In today's reading Peter retells his vision to the church in Jerusalem.  Peter has his laws and traditions that state what is common and unclean.  The Father trumps Peter's laws and traditions ... [ Keep Reading ]

Acts 10

Read Acts Chapter 10 In today's reading we see that the Holy Spirit was poured out....even on the Gentiles (vs.45).  To see the Gospel spread to the Gentiles and the Holy Spirit pour out should encourage us ... [ Keep Reading ]

Acts 9

Read Acts Chapter 9 We see the radical conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus.  Let your heart be encouraged by telling your conversion story and asking someone else to tell their story!! ... [ Keep Reading ]

Acts 8

Read Acts Chapter 8 In today's reading we see that Saul is vehement towards the Jesus movement.  We also see the conversion of men as the Gospel disperses through the land.  The verse that stood out to me today is ... [ Keep Reading ]

Acts 7

Read Acts Chapter 7 In today's text we have an incredible speech by Stephen that results in his stoning.  Stephen dies like a hero declaring, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit."  Stephen knew that absence from the body ... [ Keep Reading ]