Parkview Men’s Devotionals

Day 30 – Relentless Prayer

TRUE SURRENDER Surrender: it's a word we don't like very much because it speaks of capitulation or compromise. Surrender implies loss, and in a world that glorifies winners we don't want to have anything to do with ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 29 – Relentless Prayer

THE OPPORTUNITY TO BLESS OTHERS I believe the most important lesson I've ever learned regarding prayer is that it is far better to be an answer to prayer than to get an answer to prayer. Why? Because God wants to answer ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 28 – Relentless Prayer

PEACE IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES John 14:27 Isaiah 26:3 In yesterday's reading, we saw how worry and anxiety can be defeated through prayer. In the very next verse in Scripture (Philippians 4:7), Jesus tells us that ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 27 – Relentless Prayer

THE ANTIDOTE FOR ANXIETY In Philippians chapter 4 God reveals the antidote for anxiety. His prescription in the midst of our pain, fear, and uncertainty is always prayer. It is amazing to me that, when Paul gave us ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 26 – Relentless Prayer

A SPIRIT OF GRATITUDE 1 Thess 5:18 Gratitude has been described as the healthiest of all human emotions. Think about it: if you live with a grateful heart, if you live with praise and thanksgiving to God, it ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 25 – Relentless Prayer

GREATER LOVE FOR OTHERS Ephesians 1:15-21 explains that it is through prayer that we see with the eyes of our hearts. So how can we open the "eyes of our hearts"? First, by realizing the value of the gift we've been ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 24 – Relentless Prayer

STRENGTH IN TIMES OF WEAKNESS Psalms 62:8 2 Corinth 12:9 It is often in the very toughest of times and trials that God brings us to a crisis of faith, and it's through that experience that we begin to pray. I've ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 23 – Relentless Prayer

DELIVERANCE FROM TEMPTATION Matt 6:13 1 Cor 10:13 We face a very clear and present danger in our generation. Behind the scenes a battle is being fought for the very hearts and lives of men, women, and children ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 22 – Relentless Prayer

A HEART FOR OBEDIENCE Psalms 40:8 When we are faithful to observe God's instruction for our lives, then He is faithful to bless us as only He can. It's true, the "blessings" we receive may come in disguise - we ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 21 – Relentless Prayer

ANSWERS FROM GOD Isaiah 30:18 If I were to take a poll asking people what they most want from prayer, I bet the number one response would be "answers." When we pray, we are seeking a response from God. There is ... [ Keep Reading ]