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Parkview Men’s Devotionals

Day 10 – Relentless Prayer

ASKING FOR GOD'S PROTECTION THROUGH PRAYER Psalms 46:1 There is a wrestling match we're involved in, my friend, and our opponent, Satan, doesn't like to lose. This may seem like a cause for trepidation in your life, ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 9 – Relentless Prayer

RECEIVING GOD'S PROVISION THROUGH PRAYER In the Lord's Prayer, our model prayer, we are directed to ask our Father in Heaven for daily provision, daily "bread." Rather than trusting that it will show up again and again ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 8 – Relentless Prayer

GAINING PERSPECTIVE THROUGH PRAYER 1 Peter 4:7 If you have ever played in a football game, you know that when you're down on the field, you can't see all of the plays developing. Your view is limited to what is ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 7 – ‘Relentless’ Prayer

SEEKING FORGIVENESS THROUGH PRAYER 1 John 1:9,  Psalms 51:2,  Luke 15:10 Did you know that un-confessed sin could keep God from hearing your prayers? It's not that He doesn't want to hear us; it's just that God, in ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 6 – ‘Relentless’ Prayer

STRENGTHENING YOUR FAITH THROUGH PRAYER I love Jeremiah 33:3. I've heard some people call it "God's telephone number." Promises like this one contained throughout God's Word give us assurance and confidence that, when ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 5 – ‘Relentless’ Prayer

HEARING FROM GOD THROUGH PRAYER Psalms 143:8 We all know that a sound relationship is a two-way street. Likewise, so is a proper prayer relationship. Prayer should be a conversation, a dialogue between a child and a ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 4 – ‘Relentless’ Prayer

THE COMMAND TO PRAY In Luke 11:2, as Jesus was about to instruct the disciples on how to pray, He began with, "When you pray." Notice that Jesus said, "when" and not "if." We are commanded to pray. Prayer is a ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 3 – ‘Relentless’ Prayer

THE NECESSITY OF PRAYER Psalms 37:4 How many times, when faced with a difficult situation, do we manipulate, plan, scheme, dream, and yet do not pray? Sometimes we'd almost rather do anything than pray. Why pray ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 2 – ‘Relentless’ Prayer

THE PURPOSE OF PRAYER Ephesians 3:14 At its core, Christianity is all about the relationship between God and those whom He created. But because God is spirit in nature, we can't relate to Him as we would a friend ... [ Keep Reading ]

Day 1 – ‘Relentless’ Prayer

Power Thank You God for the power of Your spirit that is working in me, my family and in every area of my life. God has given us His power, He doesn't expect for us to do anything through our own power. As a matter ... [ Keep Reading ]