WHY Give?

At Parkview Church, we believe financial contributions are a matter of one’s heart. Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

Those treasures we value in life are the expenditures we find ourselves prioritizing and even sacrificing for.

The amount of one’s financial gifts contributed to Parkview is reflective of what we refer to as the “4-Fold” life … being God-centered / Gospel-oriented / Church-connected / Character-transformed! When God is at the core of your heart’s affections, when the Lord Jesus’ Gospel permeates your everyday interests, then the amount and motivation for financial contribution is governed by the Holy Spirit. This is called “grace-giving.”

Appreciation for Obedience!

If you have made the decision to make Parkview Church your place of regular worship and participation, then please know that your financial contributions and generosity enable our “4-Fold” life and its values to take hold in people’s lives as we grow together, reach out in our community, and support the Gospel’s mandate around the world.

HOW to Give:

There are several ways to participate in giving at Parkview Church:

1. We offer safe and secure online giving using EasyTithe. Automatic weekly tithes and special offerings are just some of the options available with this service: payments for registrations, class materials and other events are also available!

Click Here to Give Online

Click Here For Help Registering for the First Time

2. We have donation boxes in the back of the auditorium where you can leave your offering. Our Deacon Ministry Team can also provide personal giving envelopes to help track your donations for tax purposes when using this method.

3. Many personal banks and credit unions can set up an automatic “bill pay” for regular giving. You should consult your banker and use the mailing information below to give in this way.

4. You can also mail your donation directly to:

Parkview E-Free Church
333 Sandra Lane
Rapid City, SD 57701

THANKS for Giving!

Thank you for your obedience to God with His money! Because of your financial support and generosity, you have planted the seeds that will enable Parkview to not only grow in our community and provide a church home for you and others, but also contribute to God’s work around the globe!

WHERE gifts Go…

Parkview’s Deacon Ministry Team manages our annual budget to ensure that every gift we receive is used in a way that gives glory back to God! Gifts received are used in many ways such as supporting local and foreign ministries and missionaries, paying staff salaries, purchasing training and teaching resources and keeping the water running and lights on! Details about our annual budget are available upon request!